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09. 28. 2008
On 28th September 2008, in Turda, Cluj county, with the occasion of Turda Fest 2008 was launched the regional program called Transylvania Authentica, a joint initiative of the Environmental Partnership Foundation and The Prince's Charities Foundation.

The Transylvania Authentica project is seeking to establish ways in which to ensure the survival of Transylvania's incredibly rich agrarian culture and its traditional foods and agricultural products, by bringing together the region’s smaller producers and manufacturers.

In order to achieve its goal, the Environmental Partnership Foundation registered the "Transylvania Authentica” trademark with the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, and developed an eligibility standard system for 4 categories. Transylvanian traditional products and services will be evaluated by trained inspectors based upon these criteria, and then an Award Panel formed by specialists will decide if the applicant product or service is eligible to use the trademark.

The Applicants will have to pay a fee of 100 Euros/product line (or its equivalent according to the currency exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania), This covers the evaluation fee of the applicant product/item and the fee of the right to use of the Transylvania Authentica trademark for the first three years.

To apply for the right to use the Transylvania Authentica trademark please fill out the Application Form and send it in two copies by post to the headquarters of the Environmental Partnership Foundation (str Arsenalului No.13, Miercurea-Ciuc 530120), or in electronic format to the following e-mail address:

At this time, the window of time to apply for this program has no closure date and remains open until further notice.


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