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07. 06. 2009
The first session of the Award Panel in the Transylvania Authentica program took place on 18th June 2009 where the specialized members of the Panel chose the products and services eligible to use the Transylvania Authentica tarde mark.

In the first round there were 15 applicants in the category of small producers and service providers. Fourteen of the applicants were from Szeklerland, and 1 of them was from Maramures; 7 of them were in the Arts & Crafts category of the program, 4 in the Food & Drink category, 3 in the Accommodation & Meal category, and last but not least 1was in the Experiences category.

The decision of the Award Panel was based on the eligibility standards of the different categories of the program and on the individual reports of the site inspections. The most important aspects taken into consideration when making the decision were as follows:

- localness,

- authenticity

- traditionality,

- quality,

- natural character,

- environmentally friendly character,

- specific character.

The right to use the Transylvania Authentica trademark was awarded for three years. During this period the certified products and services will be re-evaluated from time to time in order to assure their high quality.


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